Taking good care of valuable and treasured items makes financial sense. We maintain our cars and homes, having them cleaned, polished and refinished to keep them working well and looking good. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that watches should also be cleaned and undergo periodic maintenance.


Modern watches have a high level of reliability and recent innovations like ceramics mean that new watches remain looking good for longer than ever before. Considering the number of tiny fast-moving parts that make up a mechanical watch movement, it is amazing that these miniscule machines continue to keep time year after year.


The truth is, we watch-wearers expect a lot from our watches and it’s nice to know we can give them a helping hand now and then – whether is be cleaning, fitting new straps or ensuring proper storage – so that they will continue to function well and retain their looks.


Source: Omega - How to take care of your watch



Here are some top tips to ensure your watch provides you with excellent service for many years!

  • Magnetic fields: avoid placing your watch on loud speakers or refrigerators since they generate powerful magnetic fields.
  • Swimming in the sea: always rinse your watch with warm water afterwards
  • Shocks: whether thermal or other, avoid them!
  • Screw-in crown: screw in the crown carefully to prevent water from penetrating the mechanism.
  • Non screw-in crown: push it back to the neutral position to prevent water from penetrating the mechanism.
  • Cleaning: for metal bracelets and water resistant cases, use a toothbrush with soapy water to clean and a soft cloth for drying.
  • Chemical products: avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics etc., since they may damage the bracelet, case or gaskets (seals).
  • Temperature: avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (greater than 60oc, or 140oF, less than 0 oc, or 32 oF) or extreme temperature changes.
  • Water resistance: a watch’s water resistance cannot be permanently guaranteed. It may be affected by ageing of gaskets (seals) or by an accidental shock to the crown. It is recommended that you have the water resistance of your watch checked once a year.
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