Purchasers of SINN watches are truly people of conviction. They include those with a pronounced affinity to technology and a fascination for how Sinn Spezialuhren has developed solutions in areas such as magnetic field protection and scratch resistance. Many of them also have to rely on their watches in their professions because their lives depend on it – such as divers, pilots and special unit GSG 9 of the German federal police. They all swear by the performance, resilience and durability of the watches, as well as their quality and precision. Functionality is the top priority and ultimately determines the design. The watches only boast the technological features that are truly needed. As owner Lothar Schmidt, an engineer, puts it: “Our products have to speak for themselves.”


The innovative technologies developed by the company to date have inspired the public and experts alike. Take, for example, the absolutely condensation-free, anti-reflective, German Submarine Steel diving watch – made possible by HYDRO Technology.  Other examples include a chronograph fashioned from a 22-carat gold alloy that is as hard as stainless steel and a chronometer with magnetic field protection greater than the standard. There are also watches with a clockwork mechanism optimally protected from aging by an inert gas filling and integrated dehumidifying capsule. The list would not be complete without mentioning the development of mission timers (Einsatzzeitmesser or EZM in German) for firefighters, for special police units and border patrol guards as well as Temperature Resistance Technology to keep mechanical watches performing at temperatures ranging from − 45 °C to + 80 °C.


DIAPAL is one of the most important technological developments, with oiling no longer needed for the most important functions in the watch thanks to the materials we selected. With the aid of TEGIMENT Technology, SINN achieves greatly increased scratch resistance through surface hardening. Another innovation is diving watches made of submarine steel, such as that used to construct the outer hulls of the German Type 212 A submarine class. DNV GL*, the world’s largest classification society for maritime safety, has been testing SINN diving watches for pressure and water resistance since 2005. Within the context of DNV GL* official certification process, SINN diving watches have been treated as part of diving equipment since 2006, and tested and certified in accordance with European diving device standards. This is unique in the watch industry. SINN diving watches continuously pass these tests for temperature resistance and functionality.


For the first time in decades, a new German watch standard came into force in 2016: the “DIN 8330 Horology – Aviator”. As a long-established manufacturer of pilot watches, Sinn Spezialuhren took the initiative and played a key role in promoting the development of a recognised DIN standard. It all started with the TESTAF technical standard for pilot watches developed by SINN in collaboration with the Department of Aerospace Technology at Aachen University of Applied Sciences.


Selected pilot watches are tested and certified by independent institutions according to the new “DIN 8330 Horology – Aviator” in an extensive and complex type and unit verification process. This ensures that a DIN 8330-compliant pilot watch is not only a suitable all-round replacement for the on-board timekeeping instruments available to pilots, but is also capable of remaining unaffected by the physical stresses of flight, posing no risk potential for the crew or aircraft, and demonstrating compatibility with other on-board instruments.


In Germany, SINN watches are sold directly from Frankfurt am Main and across the country via selected distributors at excellent value for money.


* Formerly Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg



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